Best Ways to Lower the Cost of Motorhome Insurance

If you own a motorhome then you will need to get the right level of cover in order to protect it. Motorhomes cannot be insured by regular car insurance since they come with different risks.

A motorhome insurance policy will cover your vehicle for road risks and often includes additional types of cover such as breakdown assistance, liability claims and European cover.

Although there are many great places to get motorhome insurance online at a reasonable price, you should still take any steps you can in order to lower the cost.

With this in mind, below are some of the best ways to save money on motorhome insurance.

Insure your motorhome with your car as part of a mini fleet

Many people think that fleet insurance is only for businesses. For example taxi firms usually have some sort of taxi fleet policy to cover their vehicles. However private owners can also benefit from fleet insurance.

If you have other vehicles that use for everyday purposes in addition to your motorhome then you can benefit from mini fleet insurance. Mini fleet insurance is a special type of cover for insuring 2-5 vehicles. Getting your motorhome insured as a mini fleet along with any other vehicles you own can be a great way to cut down the cost of insurance as well as making things simpler.

Pay for your policy upfront

A very good way to save money on motorhome insurance that many people don’t even consider is to pay for your policy annually instead of monthly. This might not sound like much of a way to save money at first since you will pay more upfront. However you can negotiate a significantly lower price for the policy when you pay like this.

Use a black box

A black box is a device that records your driving performance. By providing insurance providers with proof that you’re a sensible and cautious driver you can make savings when taking out future policies. This method doesn’t appeal to everyone since it can seem intrusive but it is a great way to save money.

Get a lot of quotes

Perhaps the most obvious way to save money on motorhome insurance is by getting quotes from a lot of different providers. This is very easy to do thanks to the myriad of different insurance comparison services there are.…

The Importance of Safety When You Own a Motorhome

If you own a motorhome then it’s extremely important that you take the necessary precautions to ensure that you’re able to drive such a large vehicle safety and that it’s also road worthy.

Driving safely

Below are some of the keys to safe driving when you own a motorhome –

  • Take tight corners slowly – When driving a very large vehicle such as a motorhome, one of the biggest things you have to get used to is allowing enough room for turning corners. You need to take a wide berth to make sure you don’t catch your tyres on the curb or hit other vehicles.
  • Practice parking safely  – Another aspect of driving a motorhome safely is to be confident parking. The best way to build your confidence when it comes to parking is to practice in an empty car park where there’s no pressure on you.
  • Don’t overload your vehicle – It’s also important not to overload your motorhome. Although there are built to withstand a lot of weight, you should be conscious not to put any excessively heavy items inside.

Safe driving is more important than ever now, especially since the harsher speeding fines have been introduced in the UK. If you end up with a speeding conviction then you’ll find it much hard to get insurance at an affordable rate and will likely need to get a convicted drivers insurance policy from a specialist provider.

Things to check regularly

In addition to driving safely, there are also regular maintenance checks you should carry out. These include –

  • Tyre pressure – It’s extremely important to check the pressure of your tyres on a regular basis since deflated tyres not only mean you’ll burn through petrol faster but they can also make it dangerous to drive.
  • Oil – It’s also important regularly check your oil and engine coolant levels, especially before long journeys.
  • Battery – If it’s been a while since you’ve used your motorhome then it’s a very good idea to charge the battery before setting off on your next journey.
  • Electricals – You should also do a check to make sure that all the electricals in your motorhome are working properly.
  • Wiper Blades – It’s also important to check your wiper blades are working properly before each journey. You don’t want to wait until you’re on the motorhome in pouring rain before you discover they’re faulty.

Insuring Your Everyday Car and Motorhome on the Same Policy

If you have a motorhome as well as a car that you use for everyday purposes then there’s a good chance that you have them insured on separate policies. This makes sense since motorhomes and cars do require different types of insurance due to the different risks involved.

However what you may not be aware of is that it’s also possible to insure both your motorhome and car(s) together on what is known as multi vehicle insurance.

Multi vehicle insurance, also sometimes called a small fleet insurance policy, gives you a way to insure multiple types of vehicles under the same policy.

Benefits of multi vehicle insurance

  • Save money – One of the main benefits of getting your motorhome and everyday insured on the same policy is that it might well save you money compared to insuring them separately. Of course this isn’t guaranteed since it will depend on a few factors, such as the value of your vehicles and the named drivers. However there is a good chance that multi vehicle insurance would work out cheaper.
  • More convenient – Another big benefit of multi vehicle insurance is that it’s more convenient to have your vehicles on the same policy rather than insuring them separately. This not only makes it easier to manage paperwork but it’s also makes it a very quick and convenient process to make a claim.

Ways to save money

  • Get a third party policy – If you want to keep costs to a minimum then getting a third party only policy is one of the best ways to do this. Although third party insurance only provides protection for other peoples’ vehicles it is a very reliable way to lower the cost of multi vehicle insurance.
  • Get quotes from multiple providers – Another great way to save money on multi vehicle insurance is to get as many quotes as you can. Getting quotes from multiple providers is easier than ever to do and will ensure that you don’t overpay for a policy that you could get cheaper elsewhere.
  • Pay annually – Another way to save money on your multi vehicle insurance is to pay for the policy upfront, on an annual rather than monthly basis. This might not seem like you’re saving money in the short term since you’ll have to pay more upfront but over the course of the year, you will be able to save a significant amount.

Converting Your Minibus to a Motorhome

If you currently own a minibus and are thinking of trading it in for a motorhome then you might consider converting your minibus into a motorhome instead. Although a minibus is quite different to a motorhome inside, the dimensions of the two vehicles are often very similar so converting one to the other is not as strange of a concept as it might seem.

Should you take on the task yourself?

When it comes to having your minibus converting into a motorhome, you can two main options – 1. hire a professional company/carpenter to do it for you; or 2. Take on the project yourself.

Hiring a professional will obviously be a lot less work for you; there are some good reasons to tackle the job yourself however. These include –

  • Save money – A very practical reason to tackle the conversion yourself is that you’ll save money. Of course you’ll still need to pay for the materials but it will cost less than hiring professionals to do the job for you. This couple spent £6,000 in total in converting their transit van into a motorhome, which gives you a good idea what you can expect to pay yourself.
  • A great sense of accomplishment – Another reason to take the DIY approach is that you’ll have a great sense of accomplishment once the project is finished.

This video shows the process of converting a minibus to a motorhome. As you can see it’s no small job but with enough time and determination, it is possible to end up with a very good motorhome at the end of it, providing you have the right skills.

Getting insurance

If the purpose of your conversion is so you can use your minibus for travelling then you’ll want to get the right cover. There are many great providers of pleasure use minibus insurance and getting a lot of quotes is always recommended to help you get the right policy at the best price.

You’ll definitely want to get breakdown assistance included in your policy as well as European cover. European cover will enable you to travel throughout Europe without having to worry about what would happen if you need assistance or were involved in a collision.…

Ways to Save Money on Campervan Insurance

Owning a campervan can be quite an expense. Not only do you have the initial cost of the vehicle itself but you also have fuel, maintenance costs and insurance to pay for.

Insurance is often the biggest expense after the initial purchase of your campervan. In this guide you’ll find some excellent ways to keep the cost of your campervan insurance to a minimum.

Incidentally, if you happen to own a regular van then be sure to check out this article on how to save money on van insurance.

Get a less expensive model

One of the best ways to reduce the price you pay for your motorhome insurance is by getting a less expensive model. The total cost of the vehicle you’re insuring will always play a big role in how much you pay for your insurance so getting a more practical model will certainly help to reduce the cost significantly.

Make your campervan secure

Another way to keep your insurance costs down is by making your campervan secure. Most campervans will have an alarm and immobiliser as standard but you should also consider installing a GPS tracker. Any steps you take to make your vehicle more secure will help to lower costs.

Make your home secure

Making your home more secure can sometimes allow you to make a saving on campervan insurance too. If you have a large secure fence and gate on your property, then this is ideal. You can also take steps like installing blinds on windows and doors to reduce visibility from outside. Sites like have an extensive range of bifold door blinds.

Increase your excess

Excess is simply what you would pay if you need to make a claim. The greater your excess is, the lower the cost of your premium. Of course this is a little risky but it is a very good way to keep costs down at the beginning as is worth it if you think you’re not likely to make a claim.

Get multiple quotes

Getting quotes from different insurance providers is now easier than ever to do and is one of the best way to save money on campervan insurance. Any good insurance comparison service will enable you to get quotes from multiple insurance providers simply by filling out a form. This will allow you to easily compare them and choose the one that’s right for you.

Get a limited mileage policy

If you only use your campervan at certain times of the year then getting a limited mileage policy is another excellent way to save money on your insurance. A limited mileage policy simply requires you to stay under a given number of miles for the …

Preparing for Your First Camping Trip

If you’ve recently bought a campervan and are planning your first camping trip then you’re likely excited to get on the road. However it’s always a good idea to plan ahead when taking your new vehicle on its first expedition. This way you can ensure it’s an enjoyable experience and that you avoid any problems.

Below are some of the best tips for your first camping trip.

What to do before you set off

Before you set off, you need to make sure you’ve got the equipment you need. Some of the most important pieces of equipment to bring with you are –

  • A good tent – A good tent is easily the most important piece of equipment to bring with you on a camping trip. You should make sure it has more than enough room in it for everyone who will sleep inside and is sturdy enough to withstand harsh weather conditions.
  • A first aid kit – When you’re out in nature, you want to be sure that if you cut or injured yourself, you have the right equipment to treat the wound. Therefore a good first aid kit is vital.
  • Sleeping bag and pillows – Just as important as a good tent is a warm, comfortable sleeping bag and decent pillows.

Picking the best camping site

Image result for camping site

The camp site you visit will play a huge role in whether your first camping trip is a success or not. Not every camp site is the same; some will have a generous amount of facilities and nearby shops, while others will be very bare bones. Which type you pick will depend on the type of experience you’re after.

What if you breakdown?

If you own a campervan then you should definitely get breakdown assistance, whether it’s from a company such as AA or RAC; or as part of your campervan insurance. If you happen to breakdown and don’t have cover in place then you’ll need to make your own arrangements and call as breakdown recovery service. This might end up costing more but you really have no other choice.

Make sure any company you deal with is legit and has motor trade insurance. This will ensure that your campervan is protected while being towed.…

A Guide to Horsebox Insurance

If you own horses and want to transport them safely then you need to have the right type of vehicle. A lot of people use a horse trailer, which is essentially just a large box that you tow with your regular vehicle.

However you can also use a horsebox, which is a dedicated vehicle that’s specially designed for transporting horses. If you do own a horsebox then you need to make sure you get the right type of insurance. Below are the main types of horsebox insurance as well as some ways to save money.

Types of cover

  • Road risks – The minimum level of cover you’ll need to make your horsebox road legal is third party only. This will ensure that if you’re involved in a collision that you’re to blame for, then other road users will be protected. To get more protection for your own vehicle, you can get a third party, fire and theft policy; or fully comprehensive.
  • Replacement vehicle – If your vehicle were to be damaged and needed to be repaired then you can get a replacement vehicle when you have this type of cover included in your policy.
  • Breakdowns – As a horsebox owner, you certainly want to be prepared for breakdowns. If you don’t already have cover in place then most providers will give you the option of having it included in your policy.

Saving money

  • Pay annually – If you can pay for your policy annually rather than monthly then this is a very good way to make a saving on the overall cost of your horsebox insurance since most providers prefer when you are able to pay like this.
  • Get a limited mileage policy – If you only use your horsebox at certain times i.e. for special events or shows, then you can get what is known as a limited mileage policy. This is where you agree with your insurance provider to stay below a certain number of miles in a given period. This is another great way you can save money on horsebox insurance.
  • Shop around – One of the best ways to save money is by getting quotes from as many insurance providers as possible. This will help you to get a policy at the best price.