Ways to Save Money on Campervan Insurance

Ways to Save Money on Campervan Insurance

Owning a campervan can be quite an expense. Not only do you have the initial cost of the vehicle itself but you also have fuel, maintenance costs and insurance to pay for.

Insurance is often the biggest expense after the initial purchase of your campervan. In this guide you’ll find some excellent ways to keep the cost of your campervan insurance to a minimum.

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Get a less expensive model

One of the best ways to reduce the price you pay for your motorhome insurance is by getting a less expensive model. The total cost of the vehicle you’re insuring will always play a big role in how much you pay for your insurance so getting a more practical model will certainly help to reduce the cost significantly.

Make your campervan secure

Another way to keep your insurance costs down is by making your campervan secure. Most campervans will have an alarm and immobiliser as standard but you should also consider installing a GPS tracker. Any steps you take to make your vehicle more secure will help to lower costs.

Make your home secure

Making your home more secure can sometimes allow you to make a saving on campervan insurance too. If you have a large secure fence and gate on your property, then this is ideal. You can also take steps like installing blinds on windows and doors to reduce visibility from outside. Sites like blinds4bifolds.co.uk have an extensive range of bifold door blinds.

Increase your excess

Excess is simply what you would pay if you need to make a claim. The greater your excess is, the lower the cost of your premium. Of course this is a little risky but it is a very good way to keep costs down at the beginning as is worth it if you think you’re not likely to make a claim.

Get multiple quotes

Getting quotes from different insurance providers is now easier than ever to do and is one of the best way to save money on campervan insurance. Any good insurance comparison service will enable you to get quotes from multiple insurance providers simply by filling out a form. This will allow you to easily compare them and choose the one that’s right for you.

Get a limited mileage policy

If you only use your campervan at certain times of the year then getting a limited mileage policy is another excellent way to save money on your insurance. A limited mileage policy simply requires you to stay under a given number of miles for the duration of the policy. The exact number of miles is something that you and your insurance provider agree on.