Converting Your Minibus to a Motorhome

Converting Your Minibus to a Motorhome

If you currently own a minibus and are thinking of trading it in for a motorhome then you might consider converting your minibus into a motorhome instead. Although a minibus is quite different to a motorhome inside, the dimensions of the two vehicles are often very similar so converting one to the other is not as strange of a concept as it might seem.

Should you take on the task yourself?

When it comes to having your minibus converting into a motorhome, you can two main options – 1. hire a professional company/carpenter to do it for you; or 2. Take on the project yourself.

Hiring a professional will obviously be a lot less work for you; there are some good reasons to tackle the job yourself however. These include –

  • Save money – A very practical reason to tackle the conversion yourself is that you’ll save money. Of course you’ll still need to pay for the materials but it will cost less than hiring professionals to do the job for you. This couple spent £6,000 in total in converting their transit van into a motorhome, which gives you a good idea what you can expect to pay yourself.
  • A great sense of accomplishment – Another reason to take the DIY approach is that you’ll have a great sense of accomplishment once the project is finished.

This video shows the process of converting a minibus to a motorhome. As you can see it’s no small job but with enough time and determination, it is possible to end up with a very good motorhome at the end of it, providing you have the right skills.

Getting insurance

If the purpose of your conversion is so you can use your minibus for travelling then you’ll want to get the right cover. There are many great providers of pleasure use minibus insurance and getting a lot of quotes is always recommended to help you get the right policy at the best price.

You’ll definitely want to get breakdown assistance included in your policy as well as European cover. European cover will enable you to travel throughout Europe without having to worry about what would happen if you need assistance or were involved in a collision.