Top 5 Camping Spots in the UK

Camping is extremely popular in the UK. Huge festivals such as Glastonbury are built around camping and there are countless great spots throughout the country that are perfect for camping.

Below are 5 of the best camping sites in the UK.

Burnbake Campsite, Dorset

Burnbake Campsite in Dorset is perfect for those who want plenty to see and do while they’re camping. Not only is the campsite situated next to the beaches at Studland Bay but the multitude of bike paths makes it perfect for cyclists too.

There are plenty of facilities at the campsite, including showers, baby-changing facilities and washing machines. There is also a small shop that sells camping equipment, making Burnbake Campsite an excellent choice for new and experienced campers alike

Bay View Farm, Cornwall

Bay View Farm is considered one of the best camping sites in Cornwall, in no small part due to the spectacular views it has to offer. In addition to the beautiful surroundings, you also have plenty of amenities, including showers, wifi and camping huts, for those who don’t want to bring their own tent.

Shell Island, Gwynedd

Shell Island in Gwynedd is Europe’s largest campsite, with over 300 acres of land dedicated to camping. What makes Shell Island such a great spot for campers is the variety of spots you can find to pitch up, including a variety of cliff-top pitches and sheltered fields.

Facilities are Shell Island are excellent, with a supermarket, showers, pub, laundry and reception area. The large space and generous facilities make it a particularly good choice for those who are new to camping and don’t want to be without too many home comforts on their first trip.

Deepdale Farm, Norfolk

Deepdale Farm is a very welcoming camp site and is suitable for those with tents and smaller camper vans. There is also the option to hire a hut or tepee if you don’t have your own tent. Prices are very reasonable at just £5-8 per night for adults and £3-4 for children. There are some beautiful beaches on either side of the campsite as well as washing facilities.

Ayr Holiday Park, St Ives

Ayr Holiday Park is in an excellent location and offer beautiful views of the surrounding area as well as being close to Porthmeor Beach – a very popular spot with surfers. The site has many facilities, including a children’s play area, showers and hairdryers.…

5 Tips for Every New Motorhome Owner

If you’re a new motorhome owner then you’re undoubtedly excited about the future and want to start planning your first trip as soon as possible. Although there’s plenty to be excited about as a new motorhome owner,  there are certain things you should be aware of in order to get the most from your new vehicle.

With this in mind, below are 5 tips for new motorhome owners.

  1. Plan your trips

    When you first buy a motorhome, it can be tempting to simply throw caution to the wind and stay wherever you happen to come across on your travels. This isn’t always the best idea though. Depending on whereabouts in the country you are, it might be hard to find good places to stay. The fun can soon be taken out of your trip if you get a parking ticket or find yourself in the middle of a congested city. A big of planning beforehand is therefore always recommended.

  2. Get the right cover

    When you purchase a motorhome, you will need to get cover from a specialist provider. Motorhomes are typically more expensive than the average car and come with their own risks. You can find motorhome insurance online very easily now so getting a policy for a reasonable price should not prove too much of a challenge.

  3. Don’t neglect maintenance

    Owning a motorhome can be quite an expensive affair. Therefore you want to take any steps you can to keep costs to a minimum. One of the best ways to do this is to perform regular maintenance checks on your vehicle. Ensure that your tyres have enough air, checking the oil levels and having any small cracks in your windscreen repaired are great ways to ensure that no major problems arise that could cost you a lot in the long run.

  4. Make security a priority

    You should also take any steps you can in order to make your motorhome secure. This includes having an alarm and tracker fitted, if they’re not already. Motorhomes are expensive vehicles and can attract unwanted attention so anything you can do to make it more secure is recommended. You should always park your motorhome safely too, especially when you’re at home.

  5. Accessorise

    You can get some great accessories for motorhomes to make your experience that much better. Bike racks, outdoor fold up furniture, wifi boosters and hammocks are all very popular accessories with motorhome owners.